Vermont Pingolf League

Pingolf is a league format where participants play through a predetermined course of Pinball games. Each game is given a goal. If the player hits the goal in 1 ball, they score a 1, 2 balls scores a 2 and so on. Failing to meet the goal scores a 4! Lower is better!

There will be two league nights per week (Wednesdays and Fridays)!

WHO: You!

WHAT: 8-week league (best 6 weeks count toward end of season tournament seeding), playing a 6-hole course (4 individual, 2 split flipper)

WHEN: Wednesdays or Fridays at 7 pm from early March through late May (Weather conditions may cause a delay)

WHERE: The Pinball Co-op in South Burlington

COST: $6 per person (covers end of season tournament and prizes) $8 hosting fee at the Pinball Co-op (payable each week)