Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Pinball Co-op make money?

A: The Pinball Co-op operates in a not-for-profit mode and seeks donations from from our friends in exchange for the opportunity to play our regularly changing lineup of 15 games. In the event that donations exceed expenses, that money will be reinvested in the club in the form of parts or pinball machines. To remain open, Pinball Co-op must take in enough donations to cover expenses (primarily rent, insurance, and electricity). Pinball Co-op seeks donations to the club on either a per visit or annual basis, using the following schedule of requested donations.

  • League nights, fun nights, tournaments = $8

  • Membership - $45/month or $500 per year; Pinball Co-op members don't pay the $8 per league meet, fun night, or tournament; members would still pay regular league dues and tournament fees.

    • Subsequent memberships for immediate family members (Spouses, partners, dependent children) are $40/month or $400 per year

    • Without an additional membership, family members are subject to the usual requested $8 donation per person.

Q: Why should I become a member?

A: Becoming a Pinball Co-op member is not only a way to support the club, but also can save you a small bit of cash and provide you with exclusive members-only access.

Estimated cost to use Pinball Co-op for 2016 as a nonmember:

league host fees, $250

weekly fun night attendance: $400

tournament host fees, $50

total: $700.

Members will also have access to members-only events. A prime example would be a new game installations, but also smaller events where Pinball Co-op will be open for members.

Q: Who is in charge of the club?

A: The founding members of the club are Gary W., Steve D., and Todd B. They act as a board of governors to decide how the club operates day to day and month to month. Decisions will include 1) schedule of fun days; 2) advertisement and member recruitment; 3) tournament and league scheduling and setup; 4) pinball machine lineup decisions (buying, selling, and membership game loans to Pinball Co-op).

Q: What happens if I pay for a membership and the club ceases to exist?

A: Pinball Co-op operates on a yearly basis. Under normal and foreseeable circumstances, Pinball Co-op’s directors meet at the beginning of a year and decide whether or not to run the club for the upcoming year. In other words, you should expect that the Pinball Co-op will not cease to exist in the middle of a year. If unforeseeable circumstances occur and the Pinball Co-op ceases to exist in the middle of a year for which you have payed for a membership, you will be issued a pro-rated refund.