By: Pinball Co-op | July 30, 2019

One of the most critically acclaimed games ever (in the eyes of a certain webmaster) has arrived at the Pinball Co-op! Welcome yourself to the SuperSize Pinball World of Tomorrow!

Welcome to the Future Spa!

Maximize your score and lower your resting heart rate by spelling “FUTURE SPA”, which adds to your bonus. Multiply your bonus and your gains by hitting the inline drops to go all the way up to a 6x bonus.

Say hi to Phil and Mary (whose names are helpfully printed on their belt buckles) when you jog past them while ripping the spinner for huge points. When plunging, aim for the center rollover lanes, which will close one of the outlanes and close out trans fats from your diet as well.

Maximize your pleasure levels by playing Future Spa at the Pinball Co-op today!