By: Pinball Co-op | October 04, 2016

Like the weather in Vermont, just wait a minute and the Pinball Co-op's lineup will change. Just in time for the Green Mountain Fall Classic pinball tournament, the Pinball Co-op is excited to present Iron Man.

The Pinball Co-op's crack acquisitions team traveled to Long Island to pick up this gem of a game. This nicely modded and immaculate Iron Man looks and plays great. This game features the Iron Monger that rises from beneath the playfield to do battle with Iron Man. This game features numerous multiball opportunities and big points in bogey mode after increasing the left and right ramps to their maximum value.

 Come play Iron Man during the next NEPL session. This game is also included in this month's Super Selfie League. Be sure to checkout PAPA's tutorial in order to maximize your score.

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