By: Pinball Co-op | February 18, 2015

Hi all,

There will be a team pinball league at the Pinball Co-op in South Burlington starting on March 4 and lasting 8 weeks.

Here's what you need to know:

* Each team will have 4 players.

* Each team will play 6 games each session, with 4 of the games being played as a 4-player game and 2 of the games being played by two players splitting left and right flipper duty on a single player game. Therefore, each player will play 4 games of pinball with his/her team and 1 half of a split flipper game.

* We'll have prizes, but no cash payout (and therefore no extra cash buy in to fund a prize pool). This is for fun, camaraderie, and of course some competition and pinball skill thrown in.

* This is a bring-your-own team league, so you're encouraged to use the final two remaining New England Pinball League sessions to organize your team (and team name!).

* If you're a sole player, pair, or trio looking to join a team or have a player join you, we'll help with that -- either on or via email. TBD.

Please let me know if you have any questions. More details are coming soon. When you have your team organized, please email Steve at to register.


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