By: Pinball Co-op | April 11, 2016

The Gottlieb classic, Amazon Hunt, has returned to the Pinball Co-op after  being removed last August. In its first stint at the the location, Amazon Hunt spent more time off than on due to a power issue that caused a fuse to blow on a far too regular basis. After a friend of the club went through the game wire by wire, it was determined to be a board issue. Amazon Hunt was released several times over the course of 1984 and 1985. This particular game uses a rare System 80B board, that is not easily found anymore. There is a small company in France that recreates these boards, but the manufacturer didn't have a version that worked with this game. The vendor did want to help us out and we were able to get a working board after shipping several boards back and forth between Vermont and France, and we are happy to report a stable Amazon Hunt is available for your enjoyment.

Amazon Hunt is one of the five games included in the April Selfie League, so come play it and post a score for this month's tournament!


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