By: Pinball Co-op | May 10, 2015

Congrats to all players! 

Results have been submitted to IFPA.

Final results:

Main Event
A Division
1, Adam Kiesler
2, Nick Pizzuti
3, Eric Marz
4, Steve Daniels
5, David Bourque
5, Phil Birnbaum
7, Mark Carvey 
7, Julien Plouffe Gingras 

B Division
1, Todd Baumeister 
2, Justin Buck 
3, Dave Goodwin 
4, Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon 
5, Gary Watson
6, Jeff Keller
7, Bill McHugh
8, Matt Schroeder
9, Ben Hale
10, Kristine Buck

Two-Strike Knockout Side Tourney
1, David Bourque
2, Nick Pizzuti
3,   Phil Birmbaum 
4, Adam Kiesler
5, Eric Marz
6, Steve Daniels
6, Mark Carvey 
8, Dave Goodwin
8, Bill McHugh 
8, Julien Plouffe Gingras 
8, Kristine Buck (tie for 8th)
12, Todd Baumeister
13, Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon 
13, Dave Rooke 
13, Justin Buck 

SuperDredd Side Event
1, Phil Birnbaum
2, Julien Plouffe Gingras 

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By: Pinball Co-op | March 19, 2015

The Co-op will be open on Friday night from 6pm until 10pm for those of you looking for one more chance to practice before the NEPL Championships at the Pinball Wizard Arcade on Saturday. We will, of course, also be open to those who just want a Friday night pinball fix too. We hope to see you here at the Co-op!


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By: Pinball Co-op | February 12, 2015

The team at the Pinball Co-op is pleased to announce its first tournment, The Co-opening Pingolf Tournament!

You can preregister for the event by emailing

The tournament will take place on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The doors will open at noon for an hour of practice, with the main event starting at 1pm. The Co-opening will feature a pingolf main event and two side tournaments to maximize your opportunity to earn World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR or Whopper) points! All of the specifics can be found on our events page.


Players of all ability levels are welcome to participate in what is sure to be a good time. For those unfamiliar with the format of the tournament, pingolf is a tournament format where foursomes will play 9 tables (holes). Each hole will have a designated "par" score, and players will try to beat that score in as few balls as possible. If the player exceeds the par score in 1 ball, they score a 1 for the hole. Players who reach the score in 2 or 3 balls, score a 2 or a 3 respectively. Players who do not reach the designated score, will receive a score of 4. At the end of 9 holes, the player with the low score wins the tournament. In the event of a tie, one table will have been designated as the tie breaking table and the player with the highest score on that table breaks the tie and will win the event.

The first side event is to see who can achieve the highest score on a designated table. Players who enter this event, will play the designated game 3 times in order to try and set the high score for the day. Depending on the number of players and if time allows, players may be allowed to buy a second entry into the high score event and have the chance to play the game another 3 times to improve their score.

The second side tournament will be a 2 strike knockout tournament. Participants will be randomly assigned to an opponent and a table at which they will play a best of three head to head match. The person who loses two games receives a strike. The last person left playing with less than two strikes wins the event.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each event. Depending on the number of participants, cash prizes may be awarded for second and third place too. Prize allocation will be clearly discussed prior to the start of each event. All players will receive WPPR points! Players are welcome to play in any or all of the three events. Non-competing spectators who pay the Co-op's $7 daily rate are welcome to play our tables while not being used as part of the competition.

Fees for Co-op members

Pingolf (main) - $5 (prize pool)
High Score (side) - $2 (prize pool)
Knockout (side) - $4 (prize pool)


Fees for non members

Pingolf (main) - $10 ($5 hosting / $5 prize pool)
High Score (side) - $3 ($1 hosting / $2 prize pool)
Knockout (side) - $5 ($1 hosting / $4 prize pool)

Fee for attendees not competing:

$7 Pinball Co-op daily rate   

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