By: Pinball Co-op | March 17, 2015

On Saturday, March 14, 2015, the Co-op hosted its first tournament since the Vermont State Championships. All 12 machines were up and running without issue for a full day of fun including the 9-hole pingolf main event as well as a high score contest on Dr. Dude, and a late afternoon 2-strike knockout tournament. 


The event hosted 18 players and featured two of the top 400 players in the world. Seven custom made awards will go home with five different winners. All participants earned World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points.


  • Pingolf Tournament (main event):
    • 1st Place: Steve Daniels (22)
    • 2nd place: Jeff Keller (26) - won skins game tiebreaker on 3rd hole
    • 3rd place: Austin Chenelle (26) - finished 2nd in skins game tirebreaker on 3rd hole
    • 4th place: Nick Pizutti (26) - finished 3rd in skins game tiebreaker on 3rd hole
    • Link to full results
  • High Score on Dr. Dude (side event):
    • 1st place: Steve Daniels (9,537,210)
    • 2nd place: Gary Watson (7,853,170)
  • 2-strike Knockout Tournamnet (side event):
    • 1st place: Austin Chenelle
    • 2nd place: Eric Marz

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By: Pinball Co-op | February 09, 2015

On Saturday, February 7, 2015, the Pinball Co-op hosted Vermont's first ever IFPA State Championship!


11 of the state's top qualifiers, based upon performance in IFPA sanctioned events that took place in Vermont faced off at the pinball club located in South Burlington. Seeded players battled in best of seven head to head matches to advance to the next round.


After four rounds, Steven Daniels defeated Todd Baumeister to become Vermont's first pinball state champion. He will likely head to Las Vegas in March to complete against all of the other state and provincial champions to determine who will become the next IFPA US National Champion!


l to r: Mat Barewicz, Steve Daniels, Todd Baumeister, Nick Pizzuti 

The bracket from Saturday's event can be seen here with the final standings listed below.

1. Steve Daniels
2. Todd Baumeister
3. Mat Barewicz
4. Nick Pizzuti
5. Thom Corrado
5. Eric Marz
5. Gary Watson
5. Tim Nielson
9. Josh Nickerson
9. Kaila Fong
9. Jake Blend

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